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Activtrak Review 2020

Henry Hillford




Monitoring your employees have never been any easier. Previously, it would have been nearly impossible to monitor employee’s activity unless it was done by hand. Due to human error, manual tracking of employee activities isn’t always the best option.

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Fortunately, Activtrak was created to solve this problem. Activtrak reviews praised the device’s functionality and the quality of employee reports. And if you’re running an organization with over 10+ employees, you won’t be disappointed with this app.

That being said, let’s get onto our Activtrak review!

Activtrak Review


  • Custom Alarms
  • Mouse & Keyboard Activity Monitoring & Reporting
  • Productivity Reminders
  • Scheduled Monitoring
  • Website Blocking


Activtrak Pricing

Activtrak has a free edition if you only want to monitor 3 computers. The free account holds up to 3 GB in storage (used for logs and screenshots) which can hold about 100 screenshots. If you do run out of storage space, it gives you the option to remove the old data.

Paid accounts cost $69 a month for 10 employees. For larger organizations, it costs $249 per month to monitor 50 employees.

They also have annual and paid once every three-year plans. The only advantage that paid subscribers receives (besides the ability to monitor over 3 employees) is that you can view continuous screenshots in a newly activated window.

Activtrak Support Features

Like its competitor Teramind, Activtrak has the most cloud-based, intuitive admin UI monitoring tools in the market. For example, Activtrak can sync up with your Google account and has 2FA security options, a simple Activtrak login screen, and other security options that are not found in other employee monitoring tools. Activtrak is better than Teramind in this aspect, as all of the data is simple to read and easy to manage.

As soon as you log in with Activtrak, the Home dashboard gives you a multitude of data visualizations and statistics to view your organization’s productivity.

Time Reporting

Activtrak also has time reporting on top, showing the employee’s aggregate productive and unproductive times used on websites and apps. When you scroll down, there is a productivity bar that demonstrates the times an employee has been productive, unproductive or idle.

And, the monitoring software has pie charts that describe the top websites and apps visited. For the apps, Activtrak finds the title bar text; for browsers, it shows more specific data such as the URL of the webpage visited.

Unfortunately, you’re unable to customize your dashboard widgets. Activtrak doesn’t have targeted views like Teramind’s Focus and Risk dashboards. However, the app has a real-time tab that views what apps and websites the employee is currently using (along with IP address, OS, etc.), and has the option to take a screenshot by pressing the camera button next to the user’s name. From there, administrators can zoom in and check the employee’s monitor.

The dashboard’s charts – and all of the productivity metrics that the Activtrak app provides –  from how the software will


Outside of the real-time and main dashboards, the app has more detailed monitoring in the “Screenshot” section and the “Reports” tab. Activtrak allows you to see the latest screenshots by the user.

Besides, you can look at the latest user screenshots in this tab. You can see a historical view of the screenshots that are filtered by date, time, or productivity categories. While it doesn’t show any recorded or live video feeds, the real-time screenshot is where this app shines at. It allows you to obtain photographic evidence of your employee’s progress at a moment’s notice.


You can search for specific reports by clicking them onto each chart on the app’s main dashboard. However, Activtrak has a list of data diagnostics on in the “Reports” tab that’s placed in the left side of the navigation menu.

The Reports tab shows the amount of productive and unproductive times and lists the websites, apps, users, or categories that are filtered by computers or users. And there are some specific breakdowns. For example, users can search for specific screenshots, the ability to click in the page titles and subpages, or set an alarm based on the activity entry that you’ve monitored.

Lastly, there is an Activity Log. A comprehensive report that shows a timestamp of employee action across websites, apps, etc., with applicable screenshots available. So if your employee is browsing on Facebook, you can check the subpages to see where they are looking at or check their unproductive activity.

All of the reports can be saved on Google Drive or in .CSV file. When going through the reporting data, click the Columns tab to see what data fields you want to include in your report.


While Activtrak is great software, there are a few key features that it misses out on.

  • Productivity Report is only in summaries instead of data for separate days/weeks in one report or trends over time. This means that if you want to track the history of an employee’s performance over the past 15 days, you’ll have to run the report 15 times.
  • Can’t delete individual screenshots. While you can delete screenshots in bulk, the software doesn’t allow you to delete specific screenshots you want to be removed.
  • No mouse & keyboard activity reporting: This is a useful indicator of your employee’s activity and throughout the day. However, Activtrak doesn’t have this feature.
  • “Top users results”: The top user results only display data in a summary format. So if you want to know how many hours an employee has worked per day in the past week, you’ll have to run the report over 7 times.
  • No option to view multiple employees apps/website. If you want to view the activity of 30 employees, you’ll have to run the report 30 times.

The Verdict

Overall, we believe that the Activtrak employee monitoring software is a great tool for those wanting to create a productive working environment. Not only does it have descriptive charts that show more information than some of its competitors, but also an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate around.

Are there any additional questions you have about Activtrak?

Share your opinions, comments or concerns in the comment section below!

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