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Top 10 Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2020

Henry Hillford



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Whether you run a business that handles sensitive information, or you just like to keep things compartmentalized, you will find that employee monitoring software is invaluable. If you have never heard of these programs, or the programms that helps to increase employee productivity like, they do exactly what you would expect of them just by taking a look at the name.

This software is used to keep an eye on the digital activities of your employees, especially while they are working for you. There are many reasons why you would want to use software such as this, from ensuring that your employees are using their paid time wisely, to containing potential risky behavior.

Finding the best employee monitoring software can be a challenge for several reasons. First off, many of the best programs charge a subscription fee, so you don’t exactly get a chance to test it out for yourself and find out which is the right one without paying a decent sum of money.

Employee computer monitoring software reviews are invaluable for finding the best program for your money.

This is why we have decided to go ahead and review some of the best options on the market. If you need employee monitoring software and you are trying to find the ideal choice, we’ll have rounded up some of the best ones right here.

Bear with us as we cover the top employee monitoring software of 2020.

1. Ekran System

Ekran System is more than a piece of employee monitoring software ― it’s a customizable platform for monitoring user activity, managing privileged access, and preventing insider threats. It records user sessions in a comprehensive indexed-video format, enabling search by keywords, file names, application names, etc.

If you would like to take a deeper look at what happens at your servers and workstations, Ekran System can provide detailed user activity reports and statistics.

What differs Ekran System from most solutions on this list is its additional set on identity and access management tools and the incident response system that can be operated manually and automatically. Using a complex alerting system, you can set predefined and custom rules for sending notifications, terminating user activity, blocking unauthorized USB devices, etc.

In other words, aside from monitoring your employees’ activity, this platform helps you ensure user identity and organize granular access to your critical assets. Once configured, the platform can notify you of any cybersecurity incidents and let you proactively respond to them.

Ekran System applies an agent-based approach, enabling full monitoring of desktops, server endpoints, jump servers, and bastion hosts. The platform has a unique flexible licensing system supporting deployments of any size and complexity. And if you need to transfer a license from one end-point to another, it can be done in a couple of clicks.

Offers a range of IAM and PAM tools
No SaaS version
Flexible licensing system
Standard edition has limited functionality
Supports both per-endpoint and jump server deployment schemes
User-friendly web-based management tool
Forensic data export

Ekran System would be a perfect fit for businesses that value their cybersecurity the most. The platform supports the most complete set of target operating systems and network architectures and provides an easy-to-use web-based management tool with an intuitive UI.

But of course, this employee monitoring platform is not without its drawbacks. Most of the platform’s advanced access management functionality is only available in the Enterprise edition. Nevertheless, for the purpose of employee monitoring, this platform is one of the best solutions available on the market.

2. Kickidler


Kickidler is an advanced but easy to use tool that helps you to monitor employees’ activities to be sure that they are productive and don’t do anything wrong. With this employee monitoring software, by tracking your employees` activity in real-time you are able to secure your company from data breaches or any other ransomware. You can always take control over any of your employees in case you’ve spotted anything suspicious to prevent further actions.

What are the main features of Kickidler?

  • Online monitoring of unlimited number of computers.
  • Screen video recording
  • Time-tracking
  • Productivity analysis
  • The possibility of hidden and open installation of the program agent

Real-time monitoring and Time tracking Email monitoring unavailable

Measure the hourly productivity of an employee
Remote keyboard, mouse and clipboard control
Unlimited technical support to fine-tune your software
Online monitoring of an unlimited number of PCs

Using Kickidler, you can find out about what exact hours your employees are less productive and create strategy to improve their productivity. You can always prevent any data breaches and other cybersecurity issues by monitoring users activity and block any malicious cyberattacks.

3. Teramind

Out of all of the options on this list, few are as optimized for advanced users as Teramind. This is one of those programs that will let you use it to the extent of your abilities.

If you need the top advanced employee monitoring software around, you will come across few choices that can match Teramind.

When it comes to employee tracking software, many options will frustrate you by not including a specific functionality that would have come in quite useful.

Teramind is quite the opposite in that you may be bewildered by the range of choices and commands that you have available when using it.

If you are an advanced user, you may find that Teramind is the best choice on the market, but if you run a smaller company where simplicity is the name of the game, other options would be better. This is because Teramind is so advanced that it can get clunky when trying to accomplish simple things.

Of course, in the case of software to monitor employees, you will find that being too capable” is quite simply the best flaw that a program can feature. Since you can do so much with Teramind, the question isn’t one of whether or not you can do something, but about how” you can do something.

Wide range of features and capabilities
Overly complex for beginners
Excellent value for money
May be overkill for smaller businesses
Compatible with a wide range of systems
Nearly undetectable

We would recommend Teramind for businesses that will have an employee dedicated to running this software in their IT department. If you expect this to be software that you can just install and access now and then, you may have better luck with some of the other options on this list.

Seeing as this program’s only flaw is being hard to access for beginners, we found that it was the best choice of employee monitoring software that is currently on the market. Even better is that this program sells for a relatively affordable price that blows much of the competition out of the water.

4. Veriato 360

In our next employee monitoring software review, we’ll be going over one of the most popular options on the market, the Veriato 360 program.

Using a subscription-based model that is based on the number of seats that you will be monitoring, Veriato is known for their precise coverage of employee actions.

If you want to keep the closest eye on the people working for you, few choices will match Veriato 360.

While this program may be set back by their lack of cloud functionality, their proven reputation has so far been enough to keep them at the head of the pack in this product category.

One of the best things about Veriato 360 is that it gives the choice of how you want the data to be collected, and what you would like to be monitored in specific. For instance, you can opt for keyword tracking, file tracking, and much more, while being able to do away with the data you don’t need.

Another benefit to this piece of employee tracking software is that it is much easier to use than many of the other choices on the market. If you are new to this type of program, you may wish to install Veriato as it will give you an idea of how most other employee tracking tools operate.

Includes a wide range of features No cloud features
Easier to use than competing programs Reliant on SQL
Consistent updates and developer support
Reasonable pricing

There are plenty of features that you can find featured in Veriato that are not present in other programs. For example, you can keep an eye on employee productivity by comparing how long your worker has been active and how much of their paid time has been spent idling on their computer.

A lot of the functions in this program are automated, which makes it an excellent choice for larger companies where you don’t have the time to deal with issues individually. You can set Veriato to handle your problems in several ways, from informing you immediately to logging the anomaly for later response.

5. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a program that is a little different than the other choices on this list; instead of focusing on cataloging every little action that your employees perform, it focuses on the bigger picture.

This program will help you understand exactly how productive your business is through the use of statistics.

When you install ActivTrak, you can expect it to analyze the work patterns of those that are under you, and this data will give you ideas of how your business can function more smoothly.

There is also the benefit of this software being much more accessible than many of the other available choices.

For instance, ActivTrak comes with an app that you can use to access the program through your mobile device, making it that much more convenient for you. Aside from being able to use this software on the go, the user interface is also much more accessible than competing products.

Along with being easy to access, you will find that this software features everything that you would expect to find in this kind of program. ActivTrak can take screenshots, it features Google integration, and application monitoring, all of which can help you immensely in keeping things in order.

Helps highlight areas of your business that need improvement Screenshot feature is a little dated compared to competition
Intuitive user interface Unable to log keystrokes
Compatible with Google
Features an app for mobile

If you are trying to keep track of just how productive your employees are, you won’t find any software that can compare to ActivTrak. Of course, this relatively narrow objective makes this program a little less versatile than some of the other choices on the market, but it is still capable.

ActivTrak is the best option for business owners who are trying to find out what they can do to bump up productivity in their company. If you are looking to make some changes, ActivTrak can give you a decent idea of where to get started, and it may end up having a more significant effect than other software with more surveillance options.

6. VeriClock

VeriClock is the option for business owners who want the best software to monitor employees at a reasonable price. It is understandable to want to save money when looking for the best option, and you no longer have to settle for something subpar when you don’t want to drain your budget.

While VeriClock has some drawbacks, there is nothing significant that will make you instantly stop considering this software, like many other affordable options.

The most prominent upside to this program is that it is easy to implement on systems in the first place, requiring no specialized knowledge to be used.

The next best quality that is present in this employee tracking software is that it offers plenty of options for admins to customize the program to their liking. If you only have a particular set of parameters that you want your monitoring program to run, then you can set them to your liking with this one.

Of course, being able to set everything to your liking wouldn’t do much for you if the program wasn’t capable in the first place, but VeriClock can do quite a bit. When compared to other software in its price range, you can do so much more with VeriClock, so it is excellent for small businesses.

One of the most affordable choices in this category Clunky UI holds it back
Wide range of customization options Less capable than top-end software
Offers a comprehensive range of surveillance utilities
Focuses on time tracking more than other aspects

Even though the affordable pricing makes this software ideal for smaller companies, VeriClock can still be used to cover a more substantial number of employees, but this makes some of its shortcomings evident. While VeriClock is undoubtedly capable, it is by no means perfect, though we’d argue that it’s close enough.

The most severe issue that you will face with VeriClock is that the UI (user interface) is far too clunky and obsolete to make using this program convenient for newer users. In fact, even those who are experienced with this kind of software may struggle with VeriClock at first.

All in all, however, VeriClock is one of the best options at such a low price.

7. Hubstaff

In our next employee monitoring software review, we’ll take a look at another highly affordable option, Hubstaff. If you’re looking to save money, you’ll come across few choices of software that can match Hubstaff, though, like many other bargain options, it has a few issues that could use ironing out.

Of course, the downsides are nothing that can truly hold Hubstaff back from greatness, as it is still one of the best choices for businesses that need something relatively affordable.

What this program does offer is a wide range of time tracking features that are easy for you and your employees to work with.

If you’re tired of having to deal with complicated programs to get what you want, then Hubstaff is an excellent option. No advanced knowledge is needed to make this employee tracking software work for you, and that is because it is more of a time management tool than a full-blown surveillance utility.

Even though this program is built around the concept of time management, you will find that it still includes helpful features like keylog monitoring, a screenshot function, and much more. We would say that this program is more versatile than many of the other cheap pieces of software built for the same task.

One of the more affordable options Lacking in functionality compared to pricier options
Easy for beginners to get used to Reporting lacks depth
Time management features
Simple installation process

As is evident from this software’s name, it acts as a hub where you can access all of the activities related to time management in your office. Few employee management systems are as comprehensive as this one, and it feels like the reasonable price is more of a bonus than the pillar around which this software is built.

To conclude our review of this software, we’d recommend Hubstaff for those who want something that is a little more on the affordable side but don’t want to sacrifice capability. This program is a little easier to use than products that can find for a comparable price, so it is a little more approachable for beginners.

8. Time Doctor

While Time Doctor is marketed as a program that is good at project management with a side of employee monitoring and time tracking, you will find that its best aspect is in the surveillance aspect.

If you are trying to keep track of your employees for a reasonable enough price, Time Doctor does that with some extra versatility.

You have a choice of a few plans when you sign up for Time Doctor, and there is even a free basic plan, but that has little of the employee monitoring functionality that you will be looking for.

If you choose the right plan for your needs, you will find yourself paying relatively little money for this service in the long run. Time Doctor is all about getting your business the monitoring functions you need without making you pay for things that you don’t need.

There are many features included with this software, like data entry, webcam monitoring, and much more. Most programs that are available for such a moderate price won’t give you such in-depth surveillance tools. Time Doctor lets you know everything about how your employees are spending their paid time.

Works with larger businesses Less flexible than other options
Data is easy to access Pricey
Optimized for use with remote IT systems

This software is quite versatile in that it can also handle payments for you, with the ability to create invoices. If you need a program to do more than just monitor your employees, Time Doctor is an excellent choice, and it will do so at a relatively affordable price compared to competitors.

Of course, every piece of software has its downsides, and the same is true for Time Doctor. The UI for this program is unnecessarily clunky, and it could benefit from a modernization update. If you can deal with an interface that is less than convenient, then Time Doctor is not that bad of a choice.

9. Balabit

If you are looking to run an employee management system for a larger company, few options will compare to Balabit.

While this may be one of the more pricey choices you have when it comes to employee monitoring software, it gets the job done better than many alternatives.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this is such an excellent program for your needs, especially if you run a company with a more substantial number of employees.

The primary objective of this program is to minimize access to remote IT systems, which may not be something required of every business.

Balabit is an excellent option for those who would like in-depth surveillance options such as user session recording, screenshot capabilities, and much more. This piece of software will keep your employees in line, but it will also collate all of the information that it records into easily accessible repositories.

Instead of having to search through pages and pages of archives, Balabit has the advantage of giving administrators access to properly organized data storage folders. If user-friendliness is high up on your list of needs, you will undoubtedly see Balabit as the top employee monitoring software for the price.

An affordable program Clunky UI
Offers a wide range of monitoring options In need of modernization
More versatile than other software

As with anything else, Balabit has its flaws, though there are relatively few of them compared to other pieces of software that accomplish the same task. Balabit simply has the issue of being too inflexible to make for an economical choice for smaller businesses, so it may lose out on some clientele.

All in all, Balabit is one of the better pieces of employee tracking software on the market, as long as you are part of the market segment that it is targeting. If you run a more extensive business, this is the program for you.

10. ContentWatch

ContentWatch takes a little bit less of a hands-on approach than many of the other options you have available, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

If you would like detailed logs of what your employees are doing during their paid time, this software can still provide that, but it is optimized for a more passive role.

This program lets you block off access to prohibited websites; it gives you internet browsing history and many other things that you can expect from a program like this.

ContentWatch is more unique than many of the alternatives in that it is optimized for either business or home use, and the choice is yours.

For the purposes of this employee monitoring software review, we’ll be taking a look at things from the perspective of a business. The remote management and reporting system that is present in this program will ensure that you are notified the minute something is tripped in this program.

ContentWatch will send an email notification to let you know what transpired, and it will provide the terminal at which it occurred and the site that the employee attempted to access. This is also an excellent piece of software to install if you are worried that your employees are too tech-savvy to be tracked.

Comprehensive notifications UI is not user-friendly enough
Tamper-proof Needs too many passwords
Thorough site blocking function

Since this program is tamper resistant, you will find that most employees can’t circumvent its tracking protocols. If you work in a tech field, you will need the best employee security, and few systems will be able to provide the comprehensive surveillance that you get out of ContentWatch.

The few issues with this program are those of poor user accessibility, such as changes taking a lengthy amount of time to take action, the need for several passwords, etc. Overall, however, ContentWatch gets the job done.


We hope that we have been able to help you find the best piece of employee tracking software for your needs. Feel free to go over some of our other content to get a further idea of the best programs on the market.

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