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Top 10 Best Home Security Companies for 2020

Henry Hillford



Best Home Security Companies in the US

Every single time you leave your property, you make sure all the lights are switched off, the doors are locked, and the windows are closed. Of course, by the time you come home, you want your sanctuary as well as your valuables safe and secure. There’s just one problem: burglars may be spying on your home and waiting for the right time to strike and enter your dwelling illegally. They have all the intentions to steal valuables and rifle through all of your possessions. This will most definitely leave you feeling violated and vulnerable, which is why hiring one of the best home security companies in the country is very important.

Logo Rank Company Basic Plan Price
1 Frontpoint $34.99 a month
2 Vivint $39.99 a month
3 LiveWatch $29.95 a month
4 ADT Home Security $28.99 a month
5 Link Interactive $30.99 a month
6 Protect America $29.99 a month
7 SimpliSafe $14.99 a month
8 Scout Alarm $9.99 a month
9 Cox Homelife Solutions $29.99 a month
10 LifeShield Security $29.99 a month

Even worse is when you are inside your house when the robbers break in. Robbery is a game changer. It’s far different from mere burglary as it won’t just make you lose some of your valuable things but there’s also a risk of you encountering physical danger and even death.

best security company

In the past, locking the door would suffice in giving your house the protection that you could hope for. You could also get a dog, one that barks loudly at strangers. If you go away, you could even ask your neighbors to report to you if they see anything strange in your property. All these are sensible things that you can do to secure your home. However, they are no longer enough to foil would-be robbers or burglars from breaking into the one place where you deserve to be safe and feel safe.

Fortunately, unlike in the past, we now have many electronic tools which are effective in protecting our home. Among the best decisions you can make as a homeowner that will ensure you and your family’s safety is to hire home security companies. The best home security companies are capable of watching out for any break-ins and safety hazards, and they will alert you, as well as emergency responders, in case a threat raises its repulsive head.

Top Reasons Why You Need to Hire the Best Home Security Company

You may be on the fence as to whether you’ll actually hire one of your local home security companies. We understand that it’s a rather big decision, and it definitely requires some thinking on your part. To help you make a decision, we’ve put together some of the advantages that you can gain from hiring the leading home security companies in your area.

Alarm Monitoring

With the best rated home security companies, you will be contacted and the authorities will be given alerts whenever the carbon monoxide/smoke alarms installed in your home go off or if there’s a break in. In the US, thousands of home fires that have completely destroyed homes could have been avoided if alarms were installed as they are programmed to notify authorities right away.

Deters Break-ins

Home security system companies provide window decals and yard signs in order to indicate that a particular home is protected. Having them on your windows is a huge deterrent for criminals.

Professional Installation

A security system from home security companies is your lifeline, which is why you need well-trained professionals from the biggest home security companies in the USA to install it for you. We know that your home and all the items that are in it are valuable to you.

Experts that the top 10 home security companies employ have received special training, and they will guarantee that no damage will be inflicted to your home during the security system installation. If a wired security system installation is not available, then they will provide you with wireless solutions.

Insurance Discount

Most insurance companies offer huge discounts if a home is monitored by a home security system by the best rated home security companies.  

10 of the Best Home Security Companies in the US

1. FrontPoint

frontpoint home security

FrontPoint is a no-hassle, straightforward, and no-stress home security company that has maintained a reputation for being superior to customer service.

The many clients of FrontPoint employ their service to protect their families and homes because they are among the cheap home security companies that provide the best security systems.

FrontPoint made it to our list of top 10 home security companies because it’s a favorite of tens of thousands of homeowners from across the country.

Low-pressure approach on sales

If you live away from urban areas, you may have no broadband or landline options

Superb customer service

Only provides a three-year warranty for equipment

Quick and easy security system installation

One full month money-back guarantee

Z-Wave compatible technology
Excellent value for your money
Crash and Smash Protection

Customer service sets the company apart from all other local home security companies. Their customer service agents relay their knowledge patiently and calmly, plus they give you the assurance that they know their stuff. This makes a huge difference, especially if something goes amiss.

2. Vivint

vivint home security

Top home security companies, including Vivint, manufacture, and design their own equipment.

The home automation devices of Vivint are industry leaders, and they are winning awards regularly for innovation and quality.

The company still plays well within the industry and their equipment are compatible with a good number of forward-thinking products like Amazon Echo and Nest Learning Thermostat.

You'll be able to receive a notification, email, and text through a touchscreen panel if ever the centralized monitoring station gets disconnected

Very aggressive sales approach

No need to drill holes during the installation

Expensive monthly monitoring

Wireless system

Has a history of providing poor customer service
Very easy to relocate

Provides you with home automation options like remote control over lighting, thermostat, and door locks (via Z-Wave)
Lifetime equipment warranty
Flexible financing plans
Easy to understand and use
Two-way voice for the centralized monitoring station and you
Cellular monitoring included in all plans

Vivint wins massive points for the company’s advanced technology, which is why it’s considered by some as the best home security system company. They offer unique electronic pieces, and their equipment works very well. They lose, however, when it comes to pricing as their basic package is at $39.99 a month. Fortunately, they are reliable and they offer a flexible payment program to finance your equipment.

3. LiveWatch

livewatch home security

With LiveWatch, you get to take advantage of their fast emergency alert processing and you can cancel anytime on home security monitoring.

They sell wireless alarm systems that are pre-programmed, which means you can do your own installation.

Their security systems provide sufficient protection against fire and intrusion, and their LiveWatch systems automate home features such as heating, locks, and lighting. Customers that have good credit pay can get their wireless security equipment for $99.

Wireless Equipment Aggressive sales team

Competitive Pricing

Requires an activation fee

DIY installation

If your credit is low, the equipment will cost a bit more
Fast alert processing

Indoor and outdoor cameras
Home automation
Environmental disaster protection
Lets you cancel anytime and without penalty

LiveWatch has landed on the third spot on our list because it has received excellent home security company reviews from homeowners. It’s certainly a recommended company when it comes to wireless home security, plus it does not pressure you on entering a long-term contract. Every single plan they offer includes top monitoring options and a control panel that’s tamper-proof.

4. ADT Home Security

adt home security

If you have read other best home security system companies reviews, then you already know that ADT Home Security is one of the biggest home security companies in USA. The company offers a wide range of services and you can choose from hardwired and wireless systems.

Aside from giving free installation to homeowners, ADT can connect your security system that’s from another alarm company into their monitoring centers for only $20 a month.

Special security features that ADT provides include home automation, voice recognition, video cameras, and medical bracelets that come with GPS tracking.

Free installation A technician has to visit your home

Wireless or hardwired options

Long-term contract

Competitive monthly rate

Customer service will vary
Landline and cellular connections

Optional indoor and outdoor cameras
Medical devices work perfectly
Their home automation includes voice recognition
Money-back guarantee for six months
Environmental disaster prevention

ADT is the best home security system company to some because they meet the diverse security needs of customers. The company is capable of installing and monitoring wireless and hardwire security equipment from various brands.

The highlights of ADT’s premium home security package would be environmental monitoring, home automation, and video surveillance. We recommend that you read other best home security companies reviews that include your local ADT dealer as the customer service differs from one dealer to another when it comes to this particular company.

5. Link Interactive

Link Interactive home security

This well-established and reputable company first installed their alarm systems way back in 1952. It has also made a quite impressive transition to systems that are wireless.

For emergency monitoring, they offer the service for $29.99 a month and it’s already sufficient for the basic protection that your family needs against environmental damage and crime.

As for Link Interactive’s top plans, you get to make use of features such as automated door locks, video surveillance, and smartphone control.

Easy DIY installation Long-term contract

Wireless equipment

Upfront equipment cost

Competitive monthly rates

Equipment warranty will only be up to one to two years
No landline required

Pro installation is not available
Indoor/outdoor cameras
Environmental disaster prevention
Wearable panic button
Customer will own the equipment

Link Interactive can be considered as a top choice if you prefer independence and DIY installation. The security systems of the company are not just easy to install and customize but they also come at an excellent value. Because we have already given you several different options for home security and we are already halfway through this guide where compare home security companies, you may be asking yourself this: “What’s the best home security system company?” If you are seeking for long-term value, then you might want to consider Link Interactive.  

6. Protect America

protect america home security

Protect America offers wireless home security and with a guarantee that you’d only have to pay a low price for a three-year monitoring agreement. Some of the security equipment that Protect America provides are touchscreen control panels, indoor video cameras that have cloud storage and night vision, and glass break sensors.

A basic equipment package is available for only $99, and emergency monitoring through internet or landline starts at $19.99 a month. Protect America employs seasoned emergency operators at every monitoring center that they have in different US regions.

Wireless equipment
Three-year contract

Low price guarantee

Starter fees

Cell, WIFI, or Landline Monitoring

Cellular monitoring is more expensive
DIY installation

No outdoor video camera included
Indoor video cameras
Customers would lease instead of own the equipment
Home automation
Environment Monitoring
Smartphone Control
14-day trial
Equipment can be replaced as needed

Protect America is a favorite in almost all best home security companies reviews you can find on the Internet. It’s a top choice for those who are on the lookout for great value in terms of wireless home security. Although the company is not flexible when there are contract conflicts that arise, it’s still a good choice, especially for those who want to have their home secured for a longer period of time. Because the security equipment of Protect America is wireless, it’s a good option for renters.

7. SimpliSafe

simplisafe home security

SimpliSafe Home Security does not just sell DIY wireless security equipment, but it also offers round-the-clock monitoring. You can shop online and choose from five different security systems. There are also other advanced tools and equipment that you can add to your chosen system.

Each set will arrive ready for DIY installation, and it won’t require you to use any specialized tools. As for the installation, it only takes an hour or less of your time. Emergency monitoring costs $14.99 a month. Some of the equipment SimpliSafe sells are glass break sensors, motion detectors, entryway sensors, and SimpliCam video cameras.

Easy DIY installation
No home automation
Low monthly rates

Upfront equipment expense

Award-winning monitoring

Proprietary equipment
Cellular alerts

Wireless equipment
Won't pressure you in entering a long-term contract with them
Environment disaster protection
60-day trial for equipment
Alarm works without constant monitoring
Indoor video security

SimpliSafe is a relatively young company, but it already gained success within the industry. It developed its reliable wireless home security systems in such a way that even renters can make use of them. So, what’s the best home security system company for you if you are renting the property you are currently residing in? That would be SimpliSafe. Other best home security system companies reviews would also say that homeowners can benefit from SimpliSafe as well especially those who like doing their own security system installations.

8. Scout Alarm

scout alarm home security

With Scout, you can choose from rather appealing monthly plans or save as much as 10% on a yearly agreement. The components of a Scout alarm system connected to your WiFi and they can be installed in your home without inflicting any damage to it.

Overall, the company is affordable and modern. It has landed on the 8th spot of our best home security companies reviews for a reason: it offers portable security and convenience to renters and homeowners alike.

Low monthly rates
No professional installation
Easy DIY installation

Narrow range of products

Wireless equipment

Upfront equipment expense
No long-term contract

Backup power only lasts for 24 hours
Wi-Fi communication
Scout products are on backorder
Mobile control Sirens are not very loud
60-day return policy
Compatible with an environmental sensor

From all the home security companies included in this list, Scout is among the youngest companies. But, it’s showing great potential. Although the company has shortcomings, it’s addressing them in a timely manner including the not-so-loud alarms and one-day-only power backup.

9. Cox Homelife Solutions

Cox Homelife Solutions home security

Cox is among the cable companies that decided to offer homeowners home security. Cox Homelife comes with lots of features which you can expect from the latest alarm companies that have been established.

With the company’s security system, you can access it remotely and control the lighting and thermostat settings of your home with just a single tap of your mobile phone.

Very affordable
The company is fairly new to the home security industry
Calls your phone if alarms installed in your home go off in order to confirm an emergency
Has a poor customer service reputation for its telecom services

Allows you to avoid a city fine that you may incur in case of a false alarm
Billing issues
Cox Homelife Security can be bundled with phone, internet, and TV

Cox Homelife has good options for 24/7 monitoring and equipment, and you’ll be able to buy extra equipment that will supplement the security coverage within your home. The only problem is you need to have decent credit in order to get a better price.

10. LifeShield Security

LifeShield home security

The main goal of LifeShield is to provide homeowners with quality and reliable home security monitoring services using its cutting-edge wireless home security technology that’s very easy to install.

Its services are priced reasonably, making it earn huge bonus points from us. Among the many reasons why it’s able to offer superb services that cost less is because the company designs its equipment on its own.

All packages it offers include remote monitoring using your laptop, smartphone and computer
Professional installation costs $125 and may increase depending on the system you acquire
Has excellent backup systems Only offers a one-week cancellation policy

Easy installation Restocking fee
Great customer service Activation fee
Easy removal of wireless system Cheapest package doesn't provide fire protection
Basic equipment can be acquired for free
Very affordable

LifeShield’s system is solid and there are redundancies which will ensure that you can completely rely on it for the protection of your home. What’s more, LifeShield Security offers interactive security devices and great monitoring services.

In Conclusion

All of the companies that we have mentioned offer great deals to homeowners. But, we have to pick a company that offers superior services and our choice is Protect America. The company does not just provide exceptional value, but it also makes home automation and security affordable to anyone by eliminating expensive upfront costs. Each of the companies on our list has its own strengths and weaknesses. Take note of them as they are important when you make your ultimate choice.

Whichever home security company that you choose from the list, we guarantee that you’ll feel confident that you’ve made the right decision. Our top 10 home security companies of 2018 will allow you and your entire family to enjoy comfort, convenience, and peace of mind knowing that you are protected by one of the best service providers in the US.

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