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Top 8 Best Surveillance Systems for 2020

Henry Hillford



best home surveillance system

New Year new me, and you, right? Every single time you are going through New Year’s Eve you always promise that you will change, you will start doing exercise, you will eat healthier, maybe doing some savings or changing your old car.

The real question is, why don’t we make promises a little bit more, realistic and also, important. Considering things nowadays are getting a little bit more unsafe and dangerous, I think one of the new changes you really need to do for next year is upgrading your surveillance system.

But what is a surveillance system and what do you need to have the best home surveillance systems? Don’t worry, I’m going to explain it to you. First, you need to know that the word surveillance, in fact, means that is the action of monitoring any kind and type of behavior activities and if those actions are going to influence or change information on purpose, or the simple fact of directing, protect or direct people.

Cristal clear, surveillance can involve short or long distance monitoring, involving technology such as CCTV or more simple cameras, electronically interception on internet traffic of phones or lastly the merely human interaction made on the form of intelligence agents or postal interception.

Keep in mind that surveillance is often understood most of the times as a violation of your privacy, a lot of activists are against surveillance systems in homes and private locations, and likely are establishing that surveillance is only good in public spaces where public safety can be at risk.

1. GW Security 24 Camera System

best video security system-min



2. GW Security 32CH Camera System

best home surveillance systems-min



3. EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Surveillance System

best surveillance systems-min



4. LOOSAFE 1080P 8CH Security System

home surveillance system reviews-min



5. GW Security 32 Channel 5MP 1920P

best buy surveillance camera system-min



6. Reolink PoE Home Security Camera System

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7. Zmodo 8 Channel 1080p Surveillance System

best security camera system for the money-min



8. SMONET Wireless Security Camera System

best security camera systems for home-min



Knowing that, is up to you is you want to be safe all times or not, but what do you really need to have the best home surveillance system? We are going to see the best surveillance systems! Also jumping onto the surveillance system reviews. Well, let’s go step by step:

First of all, you will need to know every single corner of your home, and knowing that, then you need to choose which spots do you really want to be secured, because maybe installing a camera in your bathroom is not as necessary as you trough, and also, it can be a little expensive having cameras in every corner. So you can start having a simple drawing of your home, and just point the places you want to be secured. This a rough and generalized list of places you may want to be secured:

  • Driveway
  • Street windows
  • Doors (front, and back)
  • Big common spaces, like your living room

The next step is choosing the right security system for each area, you can buy them by one, but that can be a little expensive, normally is cheaper to buy the already bundled system. You will need a minimum of 3 cameras to have all covered. You might also need a DVR or digital video recorder, the correct wiring, and a lot of power cords. Wireless cameras that you can attach to your wall can do all the dirty work, but if you have a bigger area to cover up you maybe want another type.

As an alternative, you can buy your cameras one by one, individually, if you have a lot of different areas with different lighting, or different wide, you maybe will need to choose carefully which area needs which camera. This can be a little bit more expensive, so I recommend personally to buy a surveillance set, is cheaper and most of the time comes with all the necessities for your home.

After that, you will need something to watch what are your new cameras recording, right? So you need a monitor to watch on and a recording device to have the footage always available, if you want to store what happened when you are not home you need a DVR, this device will be broadcasting everything to a monitor, you can have a small TV or a computer monitor, to point out, normally DVR’s comes with variety of memory, it means that you can have a few hours of footage or complete days. Normally DVR’s came with their on camera.

What is next is actually installing your camera, you will want a lot of coverage, so maybe you will need to choose a broad and high angle for your camera, normally the best place is on the corner, looking down, just in that spot where the wall and the ceiling meets, also you need to make sure if that spot covers up all the exits and entrances of the location and if the camera is near to a source of energy.
Just as a suggestion and maybe useful tip, if you are actually working with more than one or two cameras, you might want to set up a surveillance spot or hub, the central point or your hole security operation, you for sure will want to keep everything in one place, that will guarantee easy access and a lot of comforts when you are setting up everything.

Knowing all you actually need to have the best home surveillance system, and the top security camera systems, now you will may want to know where and how to buy these Items, well Amazon is always on demand, bringing the best home surveillance systems out there, so let’s take a look on someones and analyze pros and cons on each one, also we will be talking about costumes that already buy the item and give opinions, to conclude on home surveillance system reviews, so let’s get started.

1. GW Security 24 Camera 5MP 1920P

First of all, from the GW security Inc. brand, we have the GW Security 24 Camera, this security system comes with not one or two cameras. You will have a total of 24 cameras when you buy it!

You can connect them over Ethernet, with one single cable you can connect each camera to your personal IP, you also have 4 full megapixels and high speed 0over the network, they are compatible with every single Android and iOS device.

Audio is really great offering you 32 IPC, so this maybe can make it one of the best deals, you can have here the best wireless camera security system for home, if your home is really big, or maybe this is the best security camera system for the money, if your store moves a lot of it.

The Pros and Cons

Super new HD
If you have a reduced space this is maybe too much for it
Really fast working with your personal IP
Only ships to the US
CMOS sensor

Compatible with many devices

This product was a little difficult to rate because it seems to it is really new on the Amazon market, and doesn’t have any reviews at all, but hey! That doesn’t mean that is a bad product, actually, it can be perfect for large spaces or to keep secure your business, this is one of the best video security system you can have nowadays. This could take the best security camera systems for home title.

2. GW Security 32CH Camera System

Let’s keep talking about GW Security Inc. brand, they seem to have really good quality products, they can have the best small business security camera system or the best home video surveillance available, so here you have another product from them.

It is called the GW Home Security Camera, as his name tells, this is a home security system fully equipped, you can order this with 2 cameras and upgraded up to 32 cameras! You have super full HD quality, easy to install, easy to connect to your Ethernet, real-time recording and you will have 2 external hard drives for storage.

You can configure this camera at the zoom level you need, capable to record up to 120 ft, and night is even better, also they came with the possibility to connect to the app, compatible with all devices, for you to keep your home safe and sound every single second of your day.

The Pros and Cons

Super HD definition, you actually have reviews and videos proving it You cannot record audio
Manual Zoom

They came with no power adapter
Great performance at night They are not weatherproof
Access to the app

Motion detection and email notification
This could be one of the best surveillance systems on Amazon, is a great deal for the price, you have a lot of cameras, and a lot of functionalities, really useful for you, but let’s take a look at pros and cons and see if it is really worth it.

These are a great option if you really want the best security camera systems for home, they may have all you need, great video quality, great surveillance at night and great performance overall. However, you need to make sure you don’t need sound recording in your surroundings, and also, if you have how to protect them from the weather because it seems they can get damaged by it. So minus one point for the best home surveillance system.

3. EZVIZ FULL HD 1080p Surveillance System

Remember when I tell you Amazon was one of the best places to buy anything you need? Well sometimes, is that great, that you will have crazy promotions, like with this product, which is currently on promotion.

You will save almost $500 for this product, this one can make it to the best value security camera system, from the EZVIZ brand, you have here the EZVIZ PoE Surveillance system, this one seems so easy to install, the best buy home security camera system.

You will receive a total of 16 cameras for your home surveillance, you can customize your motion detection, data and power combined through a single cable to have easier access, they are so weatherproof, you can have them working in extreme cold weather, and you can have the best security camera systems for small business.

best surveillance systems-min

You have here the best buy home security camera system, it is resistant, easy to install, easy to use, and also it is designed to really focus in important threatening alarms, motion detection is really advanced. So let’s really see pros and cons and make sure it is really worth it.

The Pros and Cons

You can connect it to any pc or TV screen Cannot live stream for more than 5 minutes
Quality is great
No audio
They are easy to install

Can lag on 1 or 2 seconds sometimes.
The mobile app is really easy to use

You can configure the amount and time you want alerts to be send

Well well, this is the best buy home security camera systems at this point, you have so many options and ways to configure it, easy to use, that means is really user friendly, you can actually install it by your own, and you don’t have to spend also in someone to go to your home and install all the system. But if you are looking for a camera that record audio too this is not the best option, because that is not included, however for just your home surveillance audio is not that important as it seems, so this makes it to the top of the best home video surveillance system.

4. LOOSAFE 1080P 8CH Wireless Home Security System

We are changing brands again, this comes from the Loosafe brand and listen, this is the first of his kind we arrive here, and it is a Wireless system, so it makes things really really fun! The best Wi-Fi security camera system? Maybe, let’s see.

The Loosafe Wireless Home Security Camera Systems is in promotion too, so you need to hurry up. This pack comes with a really quick and easy installation system, you will have 8 cameras on, NVR recorder included, full HD recording and really stable Wi-Fi connection will make things a lot easier.

Really safe and intelligent storage image, remote access using any smartphone, and up to 200 ft of clear recording.

The Pros and Cons

You can use it for indoors and outdoors with no issue

Only ships to the US

Really long-distance recording

You can end having way too many notifications because you can’t configure it
Great connection

Easy access from anywhere at anytime

Color sensor

This is so far the best Wi-Fi security camera system, I can’t see many or important failures in it, maybe if you have a larger space you will need more cameras, but that is okay, you don’t really need a lot of effort to install it or use it, so it is awesome!

5. GW Security 32 Channel 5MP 1920P

We are going hard again because here you have 32 cameras again! This is made for a big home or a small business, or both, this can actually might be the best security camera systems for small business, and we are going back to the GV Security Inc. brand.

So here you have the GW PoE Security Camera System, we are going to be really short on this one, because you already know the brand, so you know that it is really good.

They bring you great quality, remote viewing, widescreen, access and compatibility with almost all devices, power on Ethernet, manual zoom, and 1 year of warranty.

The Pros and Cons

The NVR works really good
It can be foggy

Quality is really good

Installation is not that easy for a newbie
Great security system overall

Customer service is great

Well, this is a great surveillance system, but would it be the best security camera systems for small business? Maybe, but only if you are an experimented user of this kind of technology.

6. Reolink PoE Home Security Camera System

We are going deeper every time we change brands, here is a new one from Reolink you have the Reolink Poe Home security camera system, best security camera systems for home maybe, it had great capacity of storage, quality is good and will record 24/7 if needed, you will receive alerts instantly every time it detects a treat, also it is really easy to set up.

And it can work with every other Poe camera that you already have, so you don’t need to actually change our whole security system if you want to work with these ones.

The Pros and Cons

Really affordable

Customer service is not that good

Cameras are really well constructed

Night vision is not that good
Quality and view is really good

The NVR is not that good build
You will have audio with this package

This is the best and worst scenario you can have, you have really good cameras, audio, and great day image, but the NVR will be dead if you don’t follow instructions one by one, and night vision is really poor, so for this home surveillance system reviews are a little hard. Overall great price, you get what you buy.

7. Zmodo 8 Channel 1080p Surveillance System

Next is a simple one, but that doesn’t mean that is not worth it, from the Zmodo brand, you have the Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System, another wireless!

Sometimes these could be the best buy surveillance camera system, this one is really easy to use and install, you will have 720p quality in each one, local and also remote monitoring. 

You also have a cloud service to store all of your footage always safe, 24/7 recording and professional customer support. Also, you don’t need to handle a lot of cables for installation, this Wi-Fi technology is easy to handle for people who are not really friends with the wiring.

The Pros and Cons

Customizable motion detection

If you don’t have a great internet service you may have problems running all cameras

Connection is really fast

Customer service is not that helpful

Easy installation

App is user-friendly

These cameras are really good, they are easy to use and install and overall price is not that much. Also, the point that they are completely wireless makes thing easier because you don’t need to handle a bunch of confusing wiring. But the lack of good customer service can be a serious issue.

8. SMONET Wireless Security Camera System

This is going to be the last one, we already saw the best value security camera system and the best security camera system for the money. Remember that the best camera security system you need will be your best friend to keep your family and belongings safe all times.

Let’s jump onto it. The SMONET wireless security camera system, this can be the best buy surveillance camera system, this is an easy one, wireless, easy to install, great quality image as always with this systems, you can connect all your working cameras to your phone, and they will work great, 1 year warranty and great motion sensor.

The Pros and Cons

You can extend your NVR connection

They are not waterproof

Quality is great

Customer service is good, but language barrier can be an issue

Installation is really easy

If you have issues customer service is really good

That was the last one! This is not a great camera, so it can’t have the best home surveillance systems title, but is not bad, you have good product quality, they feel strong, they seem expensive, and they have all you need to have one of the top security camera systems.

So there you have it, this is you will have for next year, they are the best buy home security camera system out there if you have issues and concerns you can always rely on the great surveillance system reviews and home surveillance system reviews posted on Amazon. Don’t let anything stops you!

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