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How To Choose The Best Buy Outdoor Security Cameras?

Henry Hillford



best outdoor home security camera

The surveillance systems are very important for your personal safety and, of course, the safety of your property. Of course, you can simply buy some of those Security Alarm Systems (with Auto Dial, Motion Detectors, Panic Buttons etc.). But, today we would suggest you take a look at the best buy outdoor security cameras. 

We have created this buyer guide to help you choose only the best buy outdoor security cameras, that would fit all your security needs and will keep you and your family safe. 

What are the main features of the best buy outdoor security cameras?

The main features you have to consider while buying outdoor security cameras is its waterproof and weatherproof rate. We would be happy to show you the most important questions that would help you to pick the best outdoor security camera.

1. Space that camera can cover. How many outdoor security cameras you will need?

One of the most important characteristics of the best outdoor home security camera is viewing angle. If the outdoor camera has wide angle lenses, this will help you to save your money on the number of your cameras.  This is a simple calculation: wide-angle lenses = fewer number of cameras, small viewing angle = more cameras to buy. But keep in mind, that it also depends on the space of your area, because if it is huge – you will better purchase surveillance system with multiple cameras.

2. What is the best resolution for your outdoor security camera?

One more feature, that you will have to consider while choosing the best outdoor home security camera is “Resolution”. The recommended resolution for cameras is 1080p or higher. Such resolution will allow you to see recorded images and videos in a high-quality. Note: If you are going to put your cameras together with DVR, or HDR you will need to be sure that they are HD compatible.

3. Does the outdoor camera has a night-vision function?

Night – Vision, is one of the most important functions of the best outdoor home security camera. You should also keep in mind that the best choice would be the camera with Infrared Technology (IR) in order to get the best quality image. Nowadays, there are a lot of cameras that have IR function. It has an automatic function that switch-on or switch-off IR depending on the lighting conditions.

 4. What is the recording capacity of the desired camera?

We would strongly recommend you to buy a camera with onboard storage capacity or with cloud storage. Because you will have the ability to playback all the recorded material. All the videos, images would be stored on your Onboard/Cloud storage, so you may watch the materials at any time. But, many of the best outdoor home security cameras have SD/MicroSD slots, that would provide you with a decent recording space.

Most of the surveillance systems now use DVRs. The technology is quite simple: DVR records video to your PCs Hard Disk, then you can watch all the recorded video easily.

5. Do you want to access your camera with a mobile device?

Before choosing the best buy outdoor security cameras, we would like to pay your attention to such a useful feature as a remote access to your cameras. Just imagine, you are going on the vacation and it seems that you leave your home without any security. But, with the outdoor cameras that have remote access function, you can look after your property through your mobile device. You will just need to open the App and then you’ll see a live stream from your cameras.

6. What to choose: Wireless security camera or a Wired one?

You may choose the best wifi outdoor security camera because it is much easier to install, but be sure to stay fully-protected and check the battery level periodically. As for the wired outdoor security cameras – they will provide you with much clearer video comparing to wifi cameras, the only thing is that you will have to do a piece of work with the installation. 

7. Does energy save feature matter?

Truly to say, the most of the best outdoor security cameras for home consume a lot of energy, but to prevent losing a huge money on taxes we would suggest you buy outdoor security cameras that record only when the motion detected.

8. What amount of money are you ready to spend?

Ask yourself: Do you want to be fully-secured or save-up a little money and worry about your safety?

A high-quality cameras prices stars from $100-200, but will provide you with a good image quality and all the important features we mentioned above.

The low-quality costs around 20-50 dollars.

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