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Cyber Security Checklist: 4 Steps to Follow

Henry Hillford




What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is the method of protecting your networks, programs, and systems from digital attacks. Most of these attacks are used to change, destroy, or access confidential information; interrupting your business process or attempting to extort money from users.

Implementing good cyber security controls checklist helps you keep your company safe and alert when the inevitable occurs. And we’ll help you find a few things to write off on your cyber security checklist to ensure that your network can still run effectively for you, your employees, and third-party affiliates who work on your company’s servers.

Ways to Protect Your Security Network

Your company’s security is what protects it from attacks which can lead to loss of revenue or the risk of your identities being compromised. Here are some steps you should follow so that you don’t fall victim to these attacks.

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Installing Patches

Software updates aren’t used just to show new features. Patches close vulnerabilities that might affect your network’s ability to conduct business, create apps, or any other issues that have happened after the last security breach.

Having updates reduces the number of bugs in your system. This holds true for using your cellphones as well. Fortunately, there are some free tools that you can use to protect your data from cyber security attacks. Patches that follow IT security guidelines are more likely to be safe and keep your network’s code clear and free from any additional problems.

Managed Services

Instead of users managing their own servers, this includes hardware and patches, try using cloud-based, storage options, cyber threat protection, and file sharing. If managed correctly, the cloud-based protection systems give you a complete cloud monitoring for the infrastructure of your network and investigate new threats and make new solutions.

Educate Your Team

You must tell your team about your information security audit checklist. This ensures that everyone on your staff is onboard with the new rule changes and can help them adapt to the new changes they must make to the security procedures.

For example, use some experts that are experienced in security to help them know the importance of getting their work encrypted. This will help your staff operate as “cyber defense warriors” and stay alert for any threats that show up.  

Make a Security Plan

In your cyber security planning guide, make sure that is details how your network is going to be protected. In a 2017 Business Study, over 68% of small business owners don’t have any formal cyber security procedure present on their website. This is an astonishing fact since over 85% of them own their sites.

So, make sure that your security plan is well-defined. Discuss how you want your work to be distributed, and how your security team can keep the files encrypted. Doing so allows your security system to be followed and utilized in the event that another attack occurs.


Having a good cyber security checklist will help you make future updates to fix current issues and allow your product to run smoothly. Keep making changes to your checklist if you find that there are other security protocols (change in hardware, software, etc.) that need to be taken.

To conclude, we think that your checklist needs to be clear, concise, and easy for your team to read in order to improve the overall security of your company.

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