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Cyber Security Tips To Protect Your Small Business

Henry Hillford




Do you currently own a small company? If so, and you think that you’re immune to cyber attacks, think again. Small businesses are a popular target for hackers. In fact, there’s a huge risk of having problems with them if you’re a large company.

Recently, over 40% of cyber attacks have affected companies that have less than 500 employees. The more disturbing results show that hackers affect one in five small companies. In these cases, the companies fail because they didn’t have security plans set in place or a large gap in finding complete protection.

Therefore, you must take active security measures if you don’t want to lose the trust of your customers or your job. Moreover, more prominent organizations want their private information to be hidden under any circumstances. If this is not the case, their customers might seek other companies that can suit their needs.

To avoid this problem, we would like to share some tips for cyber security to help your company stay safe within the long term.

Training Your Employees

The people who are working for you need to know that clicking on random links that you find on your professional email might cause significant damages to your company’s confidential and secret information.

Some it security for small businesses don’t use a secure password in order to obtain access. These are two dangerous protects that you should stop doing right away. How can you fix this? For instance, you should hold meetings or have training programs.

In these programs let your safety experts give your employees advice and help them continue safe practices in your workplace that protects your information from cyber crimes. Alternatively, you can implement security procedures and policies regarding their online ethics.

Cyber Security Insurance Policy

Cybersecurity for small businesses requires a good insurance policy to protect it from any ongoing attacks. We ensure our homes, our cars, etc. Why don’t we do this for a company?

However, if a malware attack reaches your system, the company is responsible. As a result, you’ll have to pay a large amount of money for compensation if this situation occurs. Using cybersecurity insurance, you’ll be fully covered from having to pay legal fees if your network is under attack.

Switch Your Password Every Three Months

One of the most basic cybersecurity tips for small business is to switch your password periodically. This allows you to keep your network updated and the password reset from hackers attempting to get your old passwords.

Today, people use the same password for their social media platforms, devices, etc. However, about a year ago, small businesses attempted the same method and experienced an increased risk of attacks.

When changing your password, we suggest that you do it once every three months. This makes you small business computer security more encrypted due to having strong password behind your system.

On average, the most secure passwords are about 8-16 characters. So keep it within that range so that your small business cyber security network is safe from keyloggers, hackers, or other third parties attempting to steal your information.


Now that you know how to improve your business cyber security, you have to execute your plans to ensure that they work. Test it to find out if your security protection plan is correct and go well with your applications.

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