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Observeit Review 2020

Henry Hillford




For the contemporary organization, there might be underlying issues regarding your cybersecurity. Also, you need to keep track of your employees’ behavior to ensure that they’re completing important tasks on time. And in this case, you will have to choose a good employee monitoring software for your organization.

In this Observeit review, we’ll show you why this platform might be a great fit for your company. It allows you to create a detailed report on user activity while also having customized settings to help tune it to your company’s needs.

That being said, we are ready to start the review!

Observeit Review


  • Create a video of risk
  • Educate users’ about risk
  • Comply with government regulation
  • Identify shared account
  • Perform Behavior Management


ObserveIT consists of four key components:

  • Database Backend: Data that’s captured by ObserveIT is stored in the Microsoft SQL Database. It can be used with SQL Server Express or the complete Microsoft SQL Server, which is recommended for larger networks.
  • Web Management Console: The web management console is where administrators can utilize the database and the agents. All reporting, monitoring, and management are done here. This component requires a Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) and ASP.NET support
  • Application Server: This is an ASP.NET web application that runs in IIS. The application server collects data that’s posted by the agent, processes it, and sends it to the database backend where it can be stored. Also, the application server provides configuration information to the agents.
  • Agent: The last important component is the agent. The agent runs on the computer software and reports the information back to the SQL database. The agent supports a multitude of operating system platforms.

Observeit Pricing

ObserveIT has a subscription-based price that takes the number of users and endpoints in an account. While the site doesn’t show a fixed price mark, you can ask an ObserveIT rep for a price quote in regards to the size of your company.

Observeit Supporting Features

We like ObserveIT because of the multitude of features that it provides. Each of them works together to make a highly reliable software to help utilize your team and protect your company. Here are the most notable features of this platform:


The software’s configuration is flexible and exceeded our expectations. After the Observeit login screen, You can set up recordings, so they only occur on certain employees’ devices when users log, when actions are performed by the employees, or when certain applications are started.

Besides that, you can assign specific groups for your company servers, configure your SMTP notifications and define what users have access to the organization’s web console.

With so much security features, it would be virtually impossible for a hacker to infiltrate and steal your data without attempting to remove the software agent altogether. Even then, they might not know that the agent is running, making is an obscure yet secure piece of software.

Agent Deployment

After we installed ObserveIT, the first thing we tested was the product’s agent deployment feature. The agent software comes with the server installation and only requires you to click the executable file a few times.

All that’s required for the agent installation is your ObserveIT server’s IP address. Once this is completed, the server will start reporting back to the application.

Viewing Employee Activity

When you’ve deployed your agents, then you can start creating screen captures of your employees’ activity. This is the main functionality of this platform, and it works as advertised.

We performed all sorts of actions when using this feature from creating and storing files, to browsing the Internet and performing administrative tasks. All of these actions were picked up and recorded as soon as it occurred.

Deployment Scenarios

In comparison to other employee monitoring platforms like EkranSystems, ObserveIT has deployment scenarios that work for any network. Here are some of the deployment scenarios that can occur:

  • Web Console Isolation: ObserveIT can support isolation of the web management console from the monitored clients and database backend. The developers of the software recommend that is used for enterprise-sized deployments, but it’s a good practice regardless of the size of your organization.
  • Small Implementation: This scenario is made for organizations for 1-100 servers. In this environment, the database web management and server console can be used on the same system, eliminating the need to have multiple pieces of hardware. Alternatively, you can deploy on physical hardware as you would with virtual hardware as well.
  • Medium Implementation: Any network that has over a 100 monitored clients warrants that the web management console and the database server should be installed on separate hardware in order to sustain the load.
  • LDAP Implementation: If you have an Active Directory on your network then you can configure ObserveIT to have a read-only access to the database. You can use this to integrate the authentication between the web management console and the Active Directory, which decreases the administrative effort when using this software.
  • Large Enterprise Implementation: In environments that have over 1,000 servers along with a high availability of requirements, ObserveIT supports using multiple servers running on the web management and database servers in a load balanced and clustered scenarios.
  • Privileged Access Implementation/Remote Vendor: This is configured with an SSL/VPN solution to allow remote vendors. This allows administrators to quickly log on and see what’s happening in the network and also allows for compliance audits and external access.


Some Observeit reviews expressed their concerns about some of the features. Here are a few issues associated with the software:

  • False Positives: After you upgrade the agents, you might receive false positives such as “Agent not reporting” when it’s actually reporting.
  • Archiving Technology: We would like to see more improvements in ObserveIT’s archiving technology. When you restart the app, it needs more fine-tuning for it to work correctly.
  • Optimization: You’ll need better optimization to work on the database servers. It might create issues when working properly.


Overall, we believe that ObserveIT is a great tool for large enterprises. Once you use the software, you’ll find it easier to delegate tasks to your employees while also knowing how they’re performing. Thus, you should get ObserveIT if you’re serious about protecting your business and monitoring your employees!

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