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Teramind Review 2020

Henry Hillford




Using employee monitoring software is the best way to ensure that your team remains productive. There are times when your team will slack off, and will need to be notified so that you can correct the problem. That’s where Teramind comes in.

Ever since its launch, Teramind has been setting the bar for employee monitoring apps due to its functionality, ease of use and user reporting. Because of this, we are proud to introduce to you our 2018 Teramind Review.

Teramind Review


  • Alerts/Escalation
  • User Access Controls
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Overtime Tracking
  • Import/Export Data


Teramind is an employee monitoring application that’s been released in 2014 and has shown great signs of growth and improvement. This young software tool boasts the easiest agent installation and has the most advanced automation capabilities than any other monitoring tool that we’ve tested.  

Teramind Pricing

Teramind has a flat fee of $125 per month and shows data for 5 users. And, it offers a 14-day free trial without a credit card.

After it’s entry-level pricing, Teramind has a scaled, per-user pricing. This means that it charges you per employee that’s being tracked. Teramind has a pricing calculator that shows the app’s monthly and annual costs.

For example, it will cost $250 a month to monitor 10 employees or about $2,500 a year using the annual discount. If you have 25 employees, Teramind will cost $625 a month up to $6,250 a year. 50 users cost about $1,250 to $12,500 a year. For large organizations with 100 employees, it will cost $2,250 a month to $22,500 a year.

Also, Teramind has an on-premises version that’s hosted on your company’s servers. The server plans start at $750 a year for 10 endpoints, and it has volume pricing scales based on the number of additional servers you need and the number of endpoints within your network.

The Server Plan has a single server deployment and has up to 1,000 monitored endpoints. Lastly, there’s the Enterprise plan which supports up to 100 endpoints and comes with horizontal scaling, multiple server deployments, 24/7 DR (disaster recovery) support, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Teramind Support Features

Here are some of the features that Teramind currently supports:

Employee Monitoring

Teramind’s employee software walks a tough tightrope between offering an advanced command center that has precise monitoring features, reports, and dashboards, while still having simple navigation and an easily customizable app.

As opposed to it’s clunkier, competitors such as Veriato 360 and the InterGuard, Teramind has a responsive and modern cloud-based portal that condenses all of its complexity into an intuitive and minimalist UI.

Once you log in, Teramind shows the “Focus Dashboard” that are configured with widgets that can be used to show the entire organization or specific members or user departments.

Admins can click the “Add Widgets” button and grab dozens of widgets that give you data visualizations and reports on security metrics, productivity, and monitoring. For example, you can add monitoring widgets for the web, network, and application usage.

Alerting and Automation

Aside from having the best user experience (UX) and the most extensive monitoring features, Teramnd stands out because of its automation and alert settings. When you select the “Behavior Tab” located in the “Admin menu”, you can see alerts, anomaly rules, and behavior rules. With these rules, you can get alerts whenever the employee deviates from their normal behavior.

While Veratio 360 and Interguard have alert triggers, Teramind is the only software that has an automation layer that’s placed with the rest of the product and is in the reporting modules like the “Risk Dashboard”.

For instance, in the Behavior Rules, there is default set up rules that alert you when the employee prints out a large document, exceeds their daily time limit on social media, or use a cloud storage provider that’s not authorized by IT.

When we tested the software, we opened popular video streaming sites such as YouTube and Netflix and browsed on Twitter and Facebook. Once the 15-minute time limit was up, we received an email that notified us of the policy violation.

This notification was then placed on the “Risk Dashboard”. The great thing about Teramind is that you can create filter rules to decide to specify which rules apply to certain departments. For example, you don’t want to impose a social media cap on the Social Media Manager of your organization.

Anamoly rules are different. Teramind gives you over 200 templates to choose from when creating a new rule based on emails, networking, IMs, printing, websites, user activity, emails, or file operations. You can select which users are included or excluded in the rule and can decide what causes the rule.

Privacy, Access Control, and Compliance

When it comes to an employee monitoring tool that’s as powerful, responsive, and as intuitive as Teramind, you need to know what the tool does to maintain the network’s privacy, access control, and compliance.

In the “Settings Tab”, it shows an Access Control engine to decide what users have access to and set rules to what features your users have access to and see determine what they can see. You can ensure that your HR manager is unable to see what the employees in the Finance department are doing.

Not to mention, Teramind lets you turn the Agent Visibility on and off, which helps for compliance reasons. For instance, in Europe, the employers are required to tell employees that they are being monitored (although this isn’t necessary for the US).

And, the tool takes steps to ensure that your employee’s financial and personal data is encrypted. If an employee enters a personal password or logs onto their bank’s website, you can create a rule where it ceases to monitor and keylog this information.


  • Complicated setup: Some users had difficulties setting up the software of this application. Try looking at the instruction manual or video tutorials online for additional guidance.
  • Not User-Friendly: The depth of the device’s monitoring features can be daunting for some users.

The Verdict

Basically, if you want a fully functional employee monitoring software, then look no further. The Teramind has an intuitive interface, alerts to prevent unproductive employee behaviors, and helps administrators have better control over their network. Since Teramind’s features are unique and powerful, this is not an app that your company should go without!

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