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TimeDoctor Review 2020

Henry Hillford



timedoctor review

Time tracking can be a challenging process by hand. That’s why Time Doctor was created. With Time Doctor you and your employees will find it easier to track time and see who is working and who is slacking off.

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And in this Timedoctor review, we’ll give you a realistic outlook on how this product works. By the end of the post, it’s up to you to decide if the software is a good fit for your company or organization.

So let’s start the review!

Time Doctor Review


  • Productivity Analysis
  • Screen Activity Recording
  • Time Tracking
  • Browsing History
  • Activity Monitoring


Meet Time Doctor. It’s an employee monitoring solution that gives detailed analytics on what is occurring during an employee’s workday. With this app, you can check to see how much time is spent working, idle, and when your employee takes breaks.

This app can help your company minimize risk and improve business processes by analyzing time and knowing how it was spent. Companies can manage remote workers as if they were in the same office, and they can demonstrate a high level of productivity even when they’re working remotely.

Time Doctor Pricing

Time Doctor is one of the most affordable employee monitoring platforms out there. It starts with a desktop-only plan that has no access to the employee monitoring and reporting that’s found on the paid plans.

There is a Solo $5 a month plan that’s aimed towards freelancers who want complete access to dashboards and reports that are in Time Doctor’s web-based client. Additionally, there is a $9.99 Custom plan that gives you complete access to the Time Doctor suite. This includes in-depth reporting, employee monitoring, and basic payroll modules, and employee monitoring.

The only closet competitor to Time Doctor’s prices is HubStaff. However, small businesses tend to use Timedoctor because it’s less expensive and has more features. So if you’re on a budget but still want to track your employees, TimeDoctor is the better options.

Time Doctor Supporting Features

There is a multitude of reasons why organizations are switching over to Time Doctor. Here is an in-depth explanation of this app’s key features.

User Interface

In order to take advantage of Time Doctor’s features, you’ll have to install the desktop app or get the Chrome extension, which can be problematic for some. On the desktop app, you can start tracking time by typing the current task that you’re doing and pressing Play.

Then, the app will begin monitoring your behavior and track time while you’re on the clock. Time Doctor also has an administrative dashboard that can be accessed on the web-based client, shows the tasks you’ve assigned your employees and how many hours they have worked as well.

Administrators can select a time period to view what the employees are looking at, if the employees signed in late, or if they were away for certain periods of time.

Just like Hubstaff, which is used to monitor employee activity, the desktop app shows which apps were previously used, web pages visited, and keystrokes.  However, the Time Doctor can snap photos and show screenshots on your webcam.

As a result, this creates a good Big-Brother esque level of oversight but can make the tool’s overall usage overbearing because you have to switch from the desktop to the web-based app for admins and users. (Or it will force you to use Chrome. While this isn’t a large issue but is still a minor annoyance.)

Mouse movements and keystrokes are calculated in intervals from 3 minutes to 1 hour depending on how the administrator customizes. Time Doctor is clever enough to prevent users from taking their measurements at that interval by typing random keys each third minute.

And it monitors app and mobile usage and can check up to 4 monitors. When this occurs, Time Doctor is unable to take screenshots on mobile devices. However, it can find the employee’s location via GPS.

Employee Monitoring

Time Doctor is an enterprise level tool that has advanced employee monitoring capabilities. The “App & Web Usage,” Screenshots, and Timesheets reports can be added into the interface and provide more insight into your employees’ performance when they’re working on business machines.

The most important feature to notice is the screenshots. To use it, press the “Company Settings”“Manage Users”, and then the “Advanced Settings” to see the configuration options. Once you’re there, Time Doctor has some interesting capabilities.

You can create productivity pop up alerts like “Poor Time Use” and “Are you working.” And you can configure the app and web monitoring. Most importantly, you can decide whether or not employee screenshots are permitted, whether you want to blur out the screenshots to hide text and data (for employee privacy reasons).

Once its configured, the Screenshots section will find the images record the data on mouse clicks and keystrokes placed per minute and shows details on the project that the employee is currently on.

Time Doctor’s activity is based on productivity and activity reports. The App & Web Usage Report gives administrators a breakdown on the employee’s time spent on websites and applications. And the Time Use/Poor Use, Projects, and Timesheets are used to quantify the monitoring data and determine if the employee’s time was used efficiently when undergoing these tasks.


Unlike some of the employee monitoring tools that we’ve tested, Time Doctor doesn’t allow IP restrictions. This means that workers can falsely state that they’re working at the office when they’re actually at a ski lift. However, if you’re concerned with this type of employee behavior, you can also tell them to take webcam screenshots.

Also, the tool doesn’t have advanced tracking features. Most employee tracking software base their calculations and calculus solely on time.  Since Time Doctor doesn’t have an automated payroll system, it can be hard for your payroll team to manage a large group of employees at a time.



For enterprises needing an interface that can help them solely track time, the Time Doctor is a great option. It’s responsive, organized and is sold at an affordable price. While it does almost everything well, the app excels at accurate employee monitoring. Buy Time Doctor if you’re ready to help improve the overall productivity of your team.

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