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Veriato 360 Review 2020

Henry Hillford




As your business continues to grow and scale, you’ll need robust software to help glue everything together. Veriato 360 of the best employee monitoring software available. With its keyword tracking, extended recording functionality, and overall ease of use, you won’t find any difficulty keeping your workers on track.

And in this review, we’ll help give you the information needed to decide if this is the right platform for you. We’ll go over its pros and cons, and its comparisons against its competitors so that you know you’ll make the right decision when buying it.

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Veriato 360 Review


  • Browsing History
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Time & Attendance
  • Time Tracking
  • Keystroke Recording

Veriato 360 Pricing

Veriato 360 is priced at $90 per endpoint and costs an extra $24 for each endpoint that’s on Veriato Recon. Veriato Inc doesn’t publish complete pricing information or prices for custom enterprise quotes.

On the other hand, Veriato Inc does offer discounts based on the volume of endpoints you’re buying. According to Veriato Inc, they’ve deployed their software in over 3,000 organizations in about 110 countries. The main industries that use Veriato include enterprises in health, technology, and the finance sectors.

You’ll need Microsoft 10 with a 64-bit Windows Operating System (OS) with a SQL Server 2012 or 2016 to install Veriato 360 correctly. Alternatively, you can have a Windows 7 OS with a SQL Server 2016.

Veriato requires about 40 GB of free disk space to store data because none of the data is stored in the cloud. Veriato suggests that you use Quick Install with the SQL Server Express 2016 if you’re an organization that has less than 100 endpoints.

How Does it Compare to ObserveIT?

Veriato 360 and ObserveIT have been compared numerous times in reviews. But you’re probably wondering “Which platform is better for my organization?” To simplify their opinions, here is a table demonstrating the similarities and differences between the two:

  Veriato 360 ObserveIT
Overview Insider threat detection and employee monitoring platform for SMB and large organizations Insider threat protection solution for large companies.
Price $$ $$$
Recording Functionality
  • Video recording of everything the employee views on screen.
  • Separated logs of metadata such as: file monitoring, URL, email, and others.
  • Specialized video recording of what your employees view on their screen.
  • LINUX SSH Session Support
  • Metadata collection to the index video
Incident Response
  • Customized alert system
  • Customized notifications and alerts
  • Forced user messaging
  • Behavior analytics
  • Additional shared account authentication
  • Manual session blocking
Report Generation Advanced report generation capabilities Advanced Report generation capabilities
Additional Features
  • Native Integration for SIEM systems
  • Flexible licensing
  • Native Integration for ticket and SIEM systems

When looking at the table, we can see that Veriato 360 is more suited for small to medium-sized organizations. One feature that it has over ObserveIT is its flexible licensing scheme. This makes it easier for managers to set up the application on other computers without having to delete the license from the previous one.

Veriato 360 Support Features

One reason why companies use Veriato 360 is that of its multiple features that help simplify management operations. Here are some of the features that Veriato 360 provides for their users:

Employee Monitoring

Once you’ve completed installing the product, you’ll be introduced to the Veriato Management Console. The console offers a multitude of monitoring features that are easy for users to navigate and utilize.

The main features we tested on are the monitoring and data collection, activity logs and screen capture, and the ability to make customized reports and alerts based on criteria such as logins, application usage, keywords, and file transfers. Veriato Recon features a dashboard within the same UI that uses keyword tracking and anomaly reporting for insider threat detection.

Veriato has recently redesigned their management console. Now the console has a responsive, clean UI that has a straightforward, navigation menu that uses the app’s major functionality.

The tabs that are included in the app are: Categories, Reports, Alerts & Policies, System Management, 360 Dashboard, Recorders (installed agents), and a Data Explorer.

Both of the dashboards are highly customizable and give you great visualizations of the Veriato 360 and Veriato Recon activity.

The Veriato Recon Dashboard helps project managers sort the users into multiple Behavior Groups, which groups users automatically after 20-30 days. It also updates weekly in order to show the changes in activity over time.

With Veriato, you have the ability to sort out your employees in different organizational departments. Veriato 360 also integrates with your Active Directory as well.

On-Premises Oversight

Veriato 360 is a stable piece of employee monitoring software, and it shows. The software has customized alert, and reporting builders, insider threat anomaly, and comprehensive data make it a useful Big-Brother-like application for large enterprises.

It has detailed reporting and gives admins the necessary tools needed to analyze and monitor everything that employees are doing on the company machines. Because of this, it’s important to fully utilize Veriato 360’s user groups, granular policy customization, and data collection attributes in order to maintain your employee’s privacy using these tools.


Unfortunately, Veriato 360 isn’t perfect. Here are some

  • Email Reports: Veriato 360 doesn’t give out specialized email reports.
  • Blocking Unauthorized Software: This platform is unable to block out unauthorized software from the network. This can be an issue if you need to protect your employees from malware sites.
  • Installation Process: Users who reviewed the Veriato 360 and the Veriato investigator stated that the application takes longer to install completely. Make sure to have enough harddrive space on your computer before attempting to use this platform.


Still, the Veriato 360 is one of the best apps that’s on the market. Not only does it allow you to use it for multiple computers within your organization, but it keeps all of your employees’ data in one organized place. If you want to manage your team more effectively and protect your company, then Veriato 360 is one of the better options out there.  

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