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Vericlock Review 2020

Henry Hillford



vericlock review

As an organization, you’re legally required by law to track the time of your employees. Don’t you wish there was a piece of software that can make this task easier? Well, look no further!

We have already reviewed the best employee monitoring software and today we’ll be giving a detailed Vericlock review in order to help CEOs, HR departments, and project managers utilize the software. Doing so will result in better employee engagement, and helps the payroll track the hours of everyone that’s involved with your company.

So let’s begin!

Vericlock Review


  • Phone Punch Clock
  • Real-Time Data
  • Saves Money and Time
  • Payroll Integration
  • Customized Data Gathering


Vericlock is a cloud-based employee activity monitoring software for businesses of all sizes. The system allows employees to clock out their time from their mobile devices, SMS/Text Messages, via the web, or through the telephone.

Vericlock Pricing

In comparison to their competitors like Teramind, Vericlock is one of the most affordable administrative apps on the market. It costs $5 a user per month, and it has a $10 monthly fee. For small businesses, this app is a great option as it allows you to stay low on monthly costs while allowing you to scale up your business.

Vericlock Solutions

Vericlock solves the problem of time management and tracking within a company. When using this app, you’ll find it easier to know your employee’s time data so that you can effectively pay them on time. Here are some of the features that Vericlock has that can support your organization.

User Interface

The first thing you’ll see after the Vericlock login screen is it’s tab-heavy, barebones user interface. While the software is complicated in its design, you’ll find that behind its frequent amount of white space, boring blues, and bold blacks is a functional tool that makes time tracking easier for you and your employees.

vericlock ui screenshot


Vericlock does a great job at automating the manual repetitive process. For instance, once you start using the tool, you can batch unload the employees. Once they are verified and checked into the system, you can start checking them into jobs as a group.

Think of how useful this functionality is for a workforce that has to travel from site to site to complete assignments. For example, a construction team of over 500 workers through a Microsoft Excel file. The app then checks each of the workers into a job with one click of the button.

This can become more complicated when more variables are added such as lunch breaks and hourly rates, but so far Vericlock is the best batching tool that we’ve tested so far.

Employee Monitoring

Vericlock is a very functional piece of employee monitoring software. It allows you to restrict clock ins based on the IP address, which is perfect for fixed location offices that don’t want their employees clocking in from their home.

And you can flag clock-ins to determine where your employees are logged in the system. This makes the app more democratic and civilized in comparison to apps such as TimeDoctor and Hubstaff. Both apps have an invasive employee tool behind them as they allow you to view the websites visited, mouse activity, and apps used for all employees.

Vericlock has three levels of user permissions:

  • employee
  • manager
  • admin

This helps maintain the privacy controls and data when dealing with employee monitoring. For example, in the “Settings tab”, employers can place their employees in a group so that the manager can only view the data their team’s data in Vericlock’s dashboard.

Another interesting feature is that you can batch upload employees in your company’s accounting software. Vericlock is compatible with Sage, Quickbooks, and others. So if you need a good time tracking app that allows you to manage employee payroll better, Vericlock is your best bet.

Additional Settings

Vericlock has additional features that help you better monitor employee behavior. The system has features that allow employees can attach pictures and notes to their clock-ins and clock-outs.

For example, an employee can upload a picture of a store receipt or a photo of their job to verify that they were in the appointed location. To find the activity notes or pictures, search on Employees tab and select a Date range.

Also, there is a multitude of specialized alerts, including the Timer Guard. This alert will notify if they accidentally have forgotten to clock out on their shift. And for mobile devices, it shows the GPS location of the employee if they left the job site.

When it comes to Reports, Vericlock has a simple, but customizable report creation through templates and custom filters. On the Report tab, it shows the job cost and payroll reports. Click on the Templates tab to make your own.

Lastly, Vericlock has customized fields to help track other forms of monitoring data. In the custom fields in the tab settings, a manager or admin can make a custom text number, or a date field for your employees to fill out so they can track their work in greater detail.


There are a few issues with Vericlock’s system. Here are the most common user complaints that you should take into consideration when using this application:

  • UI: Some administrators don’t like the UI of this system. Vericlock reviews stated that the UI was “dreadful” and doesn’t match the full power and potential of the system,
  • Limited Data Storage: Vericlock only allows users to store up to 1 GB of data to its system. This 1 GB will be used up quickly if you need all of your users to take a photo once they check in the job.
  • Scheduling Issues: While Vericlock is great for time-tracking, it doesn’t give you the ability to schedule future time. This problem is a minor headscratcher, and we imagine that Vericlock will create a solution to this problem soon.


If none of these issues is a problem for you, then you should try Vericlock’s 30-day trial. The Vericlock app is feature-rich, well-planned and is easy to use. This time tracking solution helps with making life easy for users and admins alike.  

Are there any questions that you have about Verilock?

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